Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lesson 1

I am sure there will be many lessons I will learn this summer. But the first lesson I have learnt is that rehearsing outdoors + bright sunny days = sun burnt face. Factor 50 tomorrow, I promise. I really don't think the weathered tomato look suits a play such as Pride and Prejudice.

Despite feeling a little ill, rehearsals are going well. At the moment we are just trying to find the truth behind the words. It is easy for the dialogue to sound mannered and put on. Of course the emotions shown are restraint within this social class but they are still bubbling away under the surface.

Time for some line learning and Aloe Vera application methinks...

Monday, 30 May 2011

First day of rehearsals today. Very exciting. Jane Austin's work is much more complex and challenging than it first appears. It is such a interesting period of history, especially for women, poor things. A good marriage meant literally everything for a girl, and if you happen to be in love with the man (of which there is a slim chance) you really were very lucky. Scary to think that at my ripe old age of 26 I would practically be a spinster and pretty much left of the shelf!

I will be be playing Jane, Lydia and Charlotte. Three completely different women, with very different outlooks on life and love. It's going to be a lot of fun...

Oh, we are rehearsing outdoors, which I only found out last night... really should have packed a few more jumpers and maybe a waterproof, I mean it is only the 30th May, of course we would not expect anything so outrageous as Sunshine!

Using word's like outrageous, oh dear I can already feel the language taking hold... I am going to end up speaking like a haughty little poppet all summer aren't I.