Monday, 30 May 2011

First day of rehearsals today. Very exciting. Jane Austin's work is much more complex and challenging than it first appears. It is such a interesting period of history, especially for women, poor things. A good marriage meant literally everything for a girl, and if you happen to be in love with the man (of which there is a slim chance) you really were very lucky. Scary to think that at my ripe old age of 26 I would practically be a spinster and pretty much left of the shelf!

I will be be playing Jane, Lydia and Charlotte. Three completely different women, with very different outlooks on life and love. It's going to be a lot of fun...

Oh, we are rehearsing outdoors, which I only found out last night... really should have packed a few more jumpers and maybe a waterproof, I mean it is only the 30th May, of course we would not expect anything so outrageous as Sunshine!

Using word's like outrageous, oh dear I can already feel the language taking hold... I am going to end up speaking like a haughty little poppet all summer aren't I.

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  1. Hello Laura! I'm your first follower and am looking forward to reading about your adventures as you turn in to a Jane Austen heroine (or three!).